This Friday sees the release of a charming independent film named Tasting Menu celebrating exquisite food and the people who travel far to enjoy it. Read More


"As far as I'm concerned, you're the most complete woman I have ever known" he confesses. "All my life, I've wanted women with great bodies, women who were 10's… but now, for the first time, I'm aroused by a mind" ...Read More


It felt more “Halloween” than “Fashion” at The Standard, East Village last Sunday during the screening party for Cadaver, a newly animated short directed by Jonah Ansell. Read More


In 2012, YouTube launched 100 premium channels. Everyone from Madonna to Jay Z launched a YouTube channel. I was called in to help launch Pharrell Williams' channel. Read More


Chicken With Plums Director Marjane Satrapi Thinks Depression is Great ...And Batman is Gay Read More

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Recently, I bumped into an old project I produced for Daphne Guinness, entitled Phenomenology of Body (2008) inspired by a book she introduced me to, Phenomenology of Spirit. We were both passionate about women's roles and their archetypal dressing throughout ...Read More


Sometimes, I’m shocked at the wisdom that the Walt Disney Production imparted early in it’s career. Here’s a 1943 animation called Chicken Little, which is an interesting tale posed about stirring the masses through fear-mongering. Dare I say, it’s highly ...Read More


"Everything is free except the video that we capture of you... THAT I own." No, this is not Mark Zuckerberg speaking. It's the words of Josh Harris, the greatest internet pioneer you've never heard of. In honor of The Social ...Read More


Doc filmmaker Lucy Walker has blossomed into a strong storyteller. This month she is releasing not one, but TWO powerhouse films, each with their own hard topics. I met Lucy years ago on the film festival circuit when she emerged ...Read More


Timothy "Speed" Levitch can be called a mad man. He's also affectionate, cynical, intelligent, depressed and humorous. Most people are freaked out by him. Others see him as the wacky philosopher. Above anything else, Timothy LOVES New York City with ...Read More