It's not every day our minds get blown by an original concept. In this case, the social experiment is entitled The Hip-Hop Word Count (HHWC). Read More


"Everything is free except the video that we capture of you... THAT I own." No, this is not Mark Zuckerberg speaking. It's the words of Josh Harris, the greatest internet pioneer you've never heard of. In honor of The Social ...Read More


Jason Silva is an interesting cat. Before I mention his new doc, allow me to paint his background. At the age of 22, the graduate from University of Miami worked with his friend Max Lugavere to create an experimental film ...Read More


Really interesting article in the New York Times technology section about the "go-to" guy to fix your iPhone if you dropped it in the toilet, or just have a mysterious glitch. Read More

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Interesting stats on the last 3 years. Read More