Chris Pieretti was an old work colleague of mine back while I served at Jane Magazine. He was on the same floor toiling away at WWD. Occasionally, we'd grab a lunch upstairs and just talk art, film, books, you name ...Read More


One of the things that seduced me into DJ'ing the most in the 90's was this concept of collecting, discovering, identifying, and sharing breaks with others of the same passion. It was also the days of flipping through dusty record ...Read More


Ok. I'll admit it. I'm a little turned on by Science magazines. It's weird because I've never really committed to subscribing to Scientific American, but I've had a fling with this dirty little secret for a few years now (but ...Read More


This video, directed by Jake Sumner, was a carefree art mission equivalent of letting adults just act like little kids. Commissioned by Nike, Artist Jack Greer was given one mandate -- add color to the Nike Stadium locker room. Fire ...Read More


I've been documenting this cool project I've been working on with Alldayeveryday and Nike with a barrage of amazing artists that helped form the Nike Stadium space on the Bowery in downtown New York. Rafael Cardenas is one of the ...Read More


I've been a fan of Allen Benedikt's work for quite some time, collecting his early books printed under 12 oz Prophet. So I was lucky to work with Nike and Alldayeveryday on this Stadium project that hired some of the ...Read More


Here's a little brief overview of things around the world that caught my attention recently. Read More


After months of preparing both the online world and physical space (on the Bowery), Nike Stadium finally launched in New York. The first series which celebrates soccer, sport, art, and passion is called "Order & Progress" -- 2 words which ...Read More


There's a paint company called Dulux that started a project called "Let's Colour". The goal is simple, take over city walls around the world that need color... a visual therapy if you wall. Color makes people happy. Need I say ...Read More

A cool little video I produced for The New York Times at Art Basel last year. Crystal Moselle directed it, and Dan Martensen took all the portraits for us. Good times! Read More