Recently Google once again faced the issue of free expression and controversial content on the web. It's a tightrope to walk for certain authoritative states, but nonetheless, they threw the gauntlet down. Read More


Thought I'd post an interview I booked and moderated between two of my favorite New Yorkers, artists Kaws and Jose Parla. The article was published on Jay Z's website, Life+Times. Since we hadn't seen each other in a bit due ...Read More

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Last month I was invited to DJ a very cool music video shoot by Director Jennifer DeLia and Producer Julie Pacino. The song is created by the genius African duo, Amadou & Mariam with a collaboration by TV on the ...Read More


By popular demand, here's my Sugar Baron radio show podcasts. Stay tuned for tons of interesting guests -- cuban influentials to cuban-philes. Expect Latin funk from neighboring nations as well as Cuban classics, jazz, boogaloo, mambo's, and anything else I ...Read More


A few yeas ago, a fresh new magazine approached me and asked about my mothers style influence on me. Preen asked a few other women the same question actually. The following is the result of this trip down memory lane. ...Read More


Chris Habib is one of the few artists we know who deserves to be filed under “interdisciplinary.” The history of his wonderfully subversive creations are too long to list, so we enocurage you to visit his universe, Visitor to better understand ...Read More

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Recently, I bumped into an old project I produced for Daphne Guinness, entitled Phenomenology of Body (2008) inspired by a book she introduced me to, Phenomenology of Spirit. We were both passionate about women's roles and their archetypal dressing throughout ...Read More

WP-latin issue

Years in the making... and officially launched. Last week was the first Sugar Barons Radio show, weekly selection of latin funk, cuban jazz, boogaloo, and classics. Here's the playlist from my maiden voyage. Read More


20 years after the Berlin wall, The New Museum exhibited more than 50 artists from both the East and West last October 2011. The art was a profound commentary on Communist society. Here's the interview I conducted with the shows ...Read More

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We love Oscar de la Renta... and Oscar de la Renta loves Spain. We were called upon Nowness to film Oscar de la Renta and Andre Leon Tally discuss the paintings of Joaquín Sorolla alongside an exhibit of exquisite top ...Read More